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North Korea: LED lights integrated production and marketing of energy products to achieve

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 This is also the case in Shenzhen standard output success. Although the standard is still a long fight LED chaotic battle, but as the country's most important Shenzhen LED industry base has been committed to standards, especially a number of technical standards LED standards are expected to be released by the league Guangdong and national standards, thereby enabling Shenzhen LED grasp more market initiative.

Standards, has become the focus of the LED industry. This year, with the United States' ban white "roadmap released a series of favorable, LED industry ushered in the outbreak period, and civil lighting market is a major concern. But the LED market development, as many difficulties and opportunities facing the greatest difficulties and is used as a sunrise industry, LED lighting industry, the lack of a uniform product standards. Many industry insiders have said that this could become a constraint LED industry development is a major bottleneck.




Standards are not uniform, quality is difficult to optimism




LED as the country's most important industrial base, Guangdong Province last year, the industry output value reached 281 billion yuan, more than half of the country, but they account for half of Shenzhen in Guangdong, 9 LED listed company was born in Shenzhen. However, due to the lack of a uniform national standard LED, ministries, municipalities are in the lead in developing their own standards, multiple standards "fight." No mandatory industry standards but also to the quality of some products can not be optimistic, has become a bottleneck, began to hinder the development of this industry.


Bao, a LED lighting manufacturers, the boss is willing to speak to reporters, but repeated statements of anonymity. . "This you know," he sly smile: "We mainly produce LED light source, there is no standard, can only be done in accordance with the requirements of customers."


Just last month, the Guangzhou City Industry and Commerce Bureau of the LED bulb for sampling, the result is 50% of product failure. After that, many companies innocence, they believe that the business has no effect on sampling efficiency, color rendering index, brightness, and other core indicators LED lamps sampling, just stay on for signs, such as the appearance of energy efficiency labeling sampling. Many companies also called, only the relevant standards as soon as possible to strengthen the detection of core performance indicators LED lamps, can really play a role in regulating the market.


Such things are common in the industry, nearly two years on LED product quality problems reported equally prevalent, posing a fire accident LED outdoor displays have also occurred. "Because there is no standard, everybody in that price, quality issues can not be ignored, which has affected the development of the whole industry."


The above Baoan boss told reporters, LED industry in order to get a good development, there must be a corresponding standard introduction. But at this stage, are not conclusive in the industry a lot of technical indicators are each doing, in fact, not much really do not necessarily meet the requirements of customers. He believes that the development of standards needed to reach a consensus within the industry, customers, manufacturers, solution providers together to develop a three acceptable to all standards. He said: "The successful development of the industry, whether it is the key to a unified standard LED indoor lighting, outdoor lighting or LED, we need a unified standard out, which requires leading companies to drive out the healthy development of the industry.."


Standard: Shenzhen, an effort to seize the initiative


Liu Huai, deputy director of Tsinghua University, Key Laboratory of the source of light is the head of the Institute of Electrical and Mechanical Shenzhen, Shenzhen LED Standards Alliance Group of Experts. He told reporters, "While countries continue to develop and publish standards, to solve the lack of industry standards and product quality to provide a standard basis, but the LED industry chain involves many aspects, some of the relevant standard to be further improved."


For LED industry, the state has also led the development of norms and standards that have been issued. For example, from January 1, 2014 implementation of the "LED lighting project energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions evaluation of technical specifications", from March 1, 2014 implementation of the "LED stage lighting General technical conditions", "Import and Export Inspection Lighting Regulations - Part 2: LED modules for general lighting. "


"No matter what the standards are always behind the production of the status quo." Said Liu Huai source, LED lighting industry has developed rapidly, to keep up with industry standard speed is understandable. However, some short-sighted oriented enterprises want "fishing fast money", the standard has not been uniform in front of "looting", disrupted the market order, but also affect the healthy and orderly development of LED lighting industry. "In fact, more companies are looking to improve the national standards promulgated as soon as possible, to guide the development of LED lighting industry." Bao's the boss said.


First-class enterprise standard, second-rate brand companies do, the three companies make products. Standardization is the development of the industry to grow every necessary process, but also to participate in the hard conditions of global competition, LED lighting as a new industry, a greater need to improve the regulation of standards to guide front-line sound industry. Liu Huai source said: "As the country's most important industrial base LED, Shenzhen enterprises and government departments in fact, in earlier times had been aware of this problem, Shenzhen LED Standards Alliance was founded in 2009, has been committed to the industry ' State rules', dedicated to the research of LED industry standards development, application and services. nearly five years time, the Alliance announced several times the standard LED technology, including intelligent control of LED industry, tunnel lights control devices, backlight components, flat light, etc. These LED industry in Guangdong Province reported to the local standards, the State Committee for Standardization, once approved, will become provincial, national standards, thereby enabling Shenzhen LED industry can have more initiative in the market. "


Liu Huai source said: "A few years ago, Shenzhen LED enterprises have been sold to Taiwan products are returned experience, and the reason is that Taiwan does not meet testing standards, but in fact our own testing standards have to be much more advanced than Taiwan. After all, in all aspects of the Shenzhen production, research and development, application, and so have a much larger sample than their data support. "Liu Huai source said that this year, with the sudden emergence of the LED industry in Shenzhen, Taiwan, Japan and other international markets even the United States are Shenzhen gradually recognized standards.


Innovation: Component design specifications, uniform walking paths which


Some experts pointed out that with the increasingly uncertain LED lighting market, Europe, Japan and Korea and other countries have introduced policies to support industrial development, International Commission on Illumination, International Electrotechnical Commission, the European Commission optical engine, the U.S. Energy Star and other industry organizations have also set up their own LED lighting products standards define rules of the game.


Guangdong enterprises keenly aware of the importance of standardization strategy, in 2011 began another way, the first "LED lighting research and implementation of standard optical components," through standard devices to achieve the industry, "the de facto standard."


Shenzhen LED Industry Association executive vice president and secretary Sui Sai Wing LED lighting becomes standard optical component development and application of the first president of the league. He explained:. "Terminal morphology is not fixed, focused on the standardization of industrial middleware, normalization, which is the largest component innovative LED illumination technology" standard standard optical components research projects with national and some local and development work carried out by Different focused direction, the emphasis is coordination between the various product units and compatible standards. "More simply, it is equivalent to the standard optical components can be mutually compatible PC market, the standard device used to assemble computers." In 2013, with the scientific and technical specification of standard optical components and systems through a widely recognized expert assessment, the Ministry of semiconductor Professor Peng Wanhua lighting standards working group evaluation is: "A major innovation of China's LED industry standardization on the path."


Standard optical component technology standard system also widely recognized enterprise, less than a year, LED lighting R & D and application of standard optical components Union has absorbed over 150 members. NVC, Foshan Lighting, TCL, Crystal Electronics, Chau Ming Technology, Hongli Opto-electronic, country star power, long well-known enterprises such as American Express photoelectric league members. This year, a number of member companies have started labeling standard optical component product sales, which for LED lighting standard optical components to the market, the scale began.



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